Enjoy luxury in the Lincoln MKX

Luxury awaits the car consumer in the 2018 Lincoln MKX. This sleek vehicle boasts many features. Upon sitting in the driver's seat you'll notice the ambient lighting. It glows softly as the driver approaches the car. The driver can even select one of seven different colors for this feature.

The side mirrors have an extra bonus. When the driver exits the car and the doors are locked, the retract towards the vehicle. When the driver is sitting in the vehicle, they release back to the standard driving position. The sun roof is larger than most vehicles. It opens…
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Lincoln MKZ Has Advanced Driver Assist Technology

The Lincoln MKZ is a favorite mid-sized luxury sedan. It is a leader in technology and connectivity. The Lincoln MKZ has active driver assist in keeping the vehicle from straying from the proper lane. The parking assist can take the difficulty of getting in and out of tight parallel parking spaces. Drivers can control the brake and accelerator while the system automatically steers the car into the tight spot.

St. Paul-area drivers understand that the goal of every driver is to operate the vehicle safely and entertainment systems are among the chief distractions. 


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